Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2013

Heelloo,I'm back to update my blog again :3
Time Fliessss..Today is already the second day of 2013 !
CNY coming,SPM result going to release and my birthday coming soon too..my sweet 18th :P !
Well,I spent my x'mas with my boyfie at Genting this year.Our very first celebration together after 3years+

Outfit of the day :)

Acting cute?:P

ILH and IHH too :D

New year eve.A simple day but still enjoy it :)
First time going to Scott Garden Movida..Boom boom shake shake there :D
Boyfie always remind me not to go alone else will be very rugi for girl..muhaha!
Before going to Scott Garden,We had our anniversary and new year eve dinner at Sunway Giza In House Cafe :)

In House Cafe

Prefer no makeup :)

Happy New Year 2013 !!! Please Be awesome to me !!! muacksss :)

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